19 April 2010

Von Zipper x One Love Bundle x 4:20

Releasing on 4:20, Von Zipper's One Love Bundle celebrates a day of Slurpees, cinnamon lips and EA Skate with your bros, and girl-bros.

Just in time for 4:20:2010~ VZ intorduces the One Love Bundle.. Get up, stand up and lively up yourself in the VonZipper One Love Bundle. You’ll be sure to chant down Babylon with this kit that includes a limited edition natural mystic Modcon sunglass, a pair of forever loving jah socks, a natty dread headband and pair of kinky reggae sweatbands. Catch a fire and be the duppy conqueror you’ve always wanted to be in this positive vibration package (incense, hacky sack and patchouli oil sold separately)…

Jah, biggity bap, bap... okay, I'm done.


www.optique-solaire.com said...

VonZipper regulary edits some special collections, and the new one is the official Bob Marley shades collection. Another is Veezee Shift Into Neutral the VZ Frosteez Limited edition, based on ice cream colors and texture. All models available with european online official dealer shop http://www.optique-solaire.com/vonzipper-frosteez.html .
See you soon

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