17 April 2010

Jack Spade Spring Waxwear x Trapaulin Dry

Jack Spade, inspired by the idea of a bag, both utilitarian and stylish, became a reality when Andy Spade visited a student at the Art Center in Los Angeles to discuss a thesis project entitled “The History of Carrying.” The two bonded quickly, both feeling the philosophy and aesthetic of JACK SPADE, combining a point-of-view design sense, education in fine-art and industrial design, and both individual’s passion for function, thus launching JACK.  I adore this brand and feel that a dude should always feel comfortable carrying a bag of some sort, still possessing a sense of masculinity without falling in the 00’s “metro” classification.  I am happy to admit that dudes everywhere, a la “The Hangover” and Zach Galifianakis, are embracing the scruff and unkempt-ness, bringing us into a decade of, get ready for this, “I’ll buy my Nivea for men face cream, condition my hair and keep my beer belly at a reasonable level, but I’ll leave the bare chests to babies, waxed gooch for Johnny Knoxville and waxed back to people that actually want a girlfriend” (Oops, wax your back people because no matter how old you are, fur popping out of your tshirt collar is reminiscent of the days when we hunted buffalo on the open plain.)  In spite of this, bags are still necessary to transport our goods, whether high-tech like an I-Pad or low-tech like a brick, and Jack Spade is here for the taking.  Two bags stand out for me.  The Waxwear soft duffle, pictured above and after the jump, includes expandable sides, interior shoe pockets, detachable handles and a shoulder strap. Released in either Navy or Chocolate, this bag is perfect for the gym, an overnighter, or the morning commute.  The second is pure adventure.
I am embarking on an outdoor adventure in about 2 weeks, inspiring me to showcase this Tarapaulin Dry Dopp Kit.  Part “search and rescue,” part weekend adventure, this bag is worthy of transporting your grooming essentials on a trek through the mountains. Featuring a zipper closure, clip down sides and interior zipper pocket, this bag comes in one colour and includes a JACK SPADE stamp on the front for your information, in case you flip your canoe. Visit JACK online to purchase these gems.

More photos after the jump.

jackspade2 jackspade3 jackspade5


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