12 December 2010

F as in Frank x Warehouse Sneak Peek

One experience that inspired me to create citylife lies in my time at F as in Frank.  One of the greatest shops to ever appear in Whistler, F as in Frank was my second home, a place where the Electro was banging, fluorescent shapes were popping out at all angles + the wall of sunnies was overwhelming to say the least.  This was the place to be at the inaugural Pemberton Festival, featuring a collection that made you feel like it was created for that moment in particular.  The magic that happens behind the scenes has always been a mystery, a puzzle of great magnitude! To break this crazy suspense I have just created, take a sneak peak into the place that makes this crazy magic happen.  For everyone outside of the beautiful Vancouver area, F as in Frank can be perused @ the online shop here + Thanks to Frank's own Becky Philpott for the exclusive photos, check her out here!

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Yolanda Be Cool + DCUP x Savoy Remix / We No Speak Americano

 ~ dedicated to all you party kids out there ~

Found this gem whilst listening to a Hype Machine playlist + have been dancing non-stop for days.  Watch out for this peak night club banger + get amongst the hipster shuffle vibe on the dancefloor. This tune is brilliant (if you like electro of coarse)

07 December 2010

Stussy x Harajuku Chapter Store

Stussy has been busy opening chapter stores all over the world and the Harajuku store has been known to staff the best dudes around town.  Take a look at the beauty of this place.

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Acapulco Gold Holiday 2010 Has Arrived


~ Acapulco Gold Holiday 2010 Collection ~

Acapulco Gold's holiday line has arrived and I am loving what I see.  A/G has released fresh New Era caps, Full Clips crewnecks, Party Bear touques (beanies) + caps, zip-ups and limited tees.

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dailydose 7/12/10


sharp is so in right now
don't lie about your size

Von Zipper x 2011 Brand Video Release

I'm always against the seasons it seems but catering to a worldwide audience allows me to let my imagination take me to these warm settings while it's snowing in Toronto.

Saw a bunch of dudes today wearing their oxfords in the snow.  I proceeded to shake my head and kick the snow off my Sebagos.  

Check out Von Zipper's recently released brand video for 2011.  Enjoy.

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05 December 2010

Neff x Far East Movement x Limited T


~ I very much want this t ~

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