30 April 2010

Dadahack x Cassette MP3 Player


 Developed by London and Stockholm based design and musical duo,Dadahack, "TAP3" is a custom-made mp3 playing cassette. It can be used as a personal music player by plugging in your headphones to the device, and can be loaded with more music via a mini USB. alternatively, it also functions as a cassette when played in a standard tape deck. - Dboom

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Domestic Transformer


In today's world people are always trying to figure out bigger and better ways to make things more "green". In this video we see one man's design that could change a lot of peoples lives. Gary Chang is an architect from Hong Kong who has come up with an ingenious way of utilizing space. Watch the video to see how Gary turns his 300 square foot Hong Kong apartment into a modern 24 room masterpiece.

Vans Vault x LX Spring


Vans Vault has just released a series of nautically inspired LX sneakers that will surely get those boat's decks wet, or soggy?  From the amount of boat shoes that I report on, you'd think I'd have developed an obsession.  Above are the Del Barco LX and Chukka Del Barco LX models in charcoal/true white. These kicks are available for purchase at Bows and Arrows.

More colorways after the jump.

dailydose / 30.04.10

Love you Ren, my lady-bro

29 April 2010

Supra Skytop II x Factory 413 Limited Edition "Cinco de Drinko"

Factory 413 has just released a sneak peek at its new, super limited Skytop II. From the looks of the preview, this shoe will be a must have. Must have people, must have!!!!  We will keep you posted on the release date for this shoe. 

David Z x Sebago Dockside Exclusive


Fresh for spring come these exclusive Sebago Docksides for David Z.  The hand sewn boat shoe that started it all. Genuine moccasin construction wraps the foot in a single piece of leather, creating a fit that’s uniquely your own. Check out David Z for more colors and to purchase.

dailydose / 29.04.10 (Karmel Edition)


dailydose / 29.04.10


Acronym x 3A-6TS "Third Arm" Messenger Bag


The "Third Arm" messenger bag from Acronym has the ability to "shapeshift" (check photos) making it the perfect bag for school or a tour in Afganistan. While some schools are as rough as a warzone, Afganistan is serious business and this bag was made for serious business.  Be all you can be, but seriously, I love this bag and recommend you visit Hanon to purchase. 

Visit Acronym for some crazy gear and check out more photos after the jump.

YaoKustoms x 'Just Did It' Tiger Woods x Supra Skytop


Here we have a uniquely hilarious one-off custom shoe from YaoKustoms. One shoe features a picture of Tiger with his wrecked Escalade on one side and a whole slew of waitresses/ porn stars/ whoever Tiger met along the way. The other shoe features Elin wielding her famed golf club and the newly revamped slogan 'Just Did It'. And to top it all off, the laces are threaded through golf balls.

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28 April 2010

McQ x Alexander McQueen


We all know that the fashion world was hit hard by the passing of the late Lee Alexander McQueen, and it is tragic that his designs will be seen no longer, but his legacy lives on in the upcoming Fall 2010 collection. The line utilizes patches, flannel, different knits and stripes to bring out a grunge inspired look.

Pics from the lookbook can be seen after the jump.

Every Hoodrat's Dreams Have Finally Come True

Worried about those pesky regulations restricting access to spraycans, popping up ever more frequently in urban centres across the globe? Under 18 and can't buy cans over the counter anymore? Never fear you little vandals, the Graffomatic is here (maybe).

Absolutely reeking of another "guerilla marketing" prank, this alleged online company is about to burst onto the "market" offering all of your favourite midnight snacks on local street corners. We're talking cans, caps, markers, gloves, masks and possibly anything else that vendors could think of putting into one of these little treasure troves, in order to satiate our artistic tendencies whilst out on the town.

I'm excited... Graffomat

dailydose / 28.04.10


Kate Moss x Hellz Bellz Limited Ts


Hellz Bellz has recently released these two limited tshirts available here.  Cop these ladies, please.

Sneaker Freaker x Asics "Alvin Purple" Sneaker x 3D

Set to release later this year, the deadly collaboration between Sneaker Freaker magazine and Asics brings you the Gel Lyte III "Alvin Purple" sneaker.  For those of you that pocketed your 3D glasses from Avatar, or that angel movie, featuring The Rock, cityLife brings you it's first 3D post ever! Check it!!

27 April 2010

SLVDR x Spring 2010


Today on my rainy shopping adventure I stumbled across some fresh threads by SLVDR. Southern California Native Rob Myers used a lifetime of shred inspirations to create this sophisticated line for men . Rob is definitely rockin a halo because he's using his brand to give back to the board sports community with his Common Thread Project which works closely with like-minded brands and retailers to collect and distribute gently used boards, footwear, clothing and accessories to deserving youth around the world. Newly launched June 2009, SLVDR is already looking tight enough for this always fresh magazine!

Check out spring 2010 collection here

REEF x Cancer to Capricorn Trailer

Check the trailer for the new film from Reef "Cancer to Capricorn." 
Taking place between the latitudinal lines of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, Reef's new movie documents the search for perfect surf and new cultural experiences on the path of the modern gypsy. Coming in the Summer of 2010, Cancer to Capricorn - The Path of The Modern Gypsy, features Mick Fanning, Rob Machado, Tonino Benson, Mike Losness, Ben Bourgeois, Miss Reef and many more.

Puma x Sustainable Shoe Box Project


This is said to be revolutionary for the shoe business. I hope that more companies jump on such a good idea to help the environment, and keep our planet healthy.

dailydose / 27.04.10 (Karmel Edition)


dailydose / 27.04.10


26 April 2010

Oak x Horace T

Just released over at Oak is this beautiful zigzag t featuring the long colorblocked back that's been getting my heart racing this season.  Perfect for that slight skinny jean sag I tend to rock

More photos after the jump.

Grenade Games 6 Grande Finale


Here is the video from the last day of the Grenade Games, which just happened in Whistler B.C. If you are not in the know, this is the biggest, wildest party week in all of snowboarding. I for one am so bummed I missed out and if you don't really care about it I think the shot at 4:29 will surely change your mind.

Red Bull Manny Mania 2010 x Teaser Trailer !!!


Red Bull pulls out another amazing competition with its Manny Mania Manual contest dropping in August. NYC will host this year's contest and to get you all pumped up, or whatever else you like to call it, check out the teaser now!

For more details, visit Red Bull

Fresh Daylee Threads


Call it getting the word out, call it shameless self promotion, I don't really care. Here are a few pieces from my new clothing line. Everything is custom and made to order by yours truly. Any inquiries can be sent to fdaylee@gmail.com

Nixon x Gumball 3000 Limited Edition Preview


This squinty-eyed preview was released today by Nixon, and from the looks of this photo, a flash was not used.  Yes that's right, I am a genius. Created in collaboration with Gumball 3000, Nixon’s limited edition Rubber Player features a black silicon case/band with a custom gold caseback, crown and hands and co-branded artwork on the case and will retail for $200 USD.  This watch will be sold at selected Nixon dealers including Karmaloop and So Hip It Hurts in Toronto.

Visit Nixon and Gumball 3000 for more details.

dailydose / 26.04.10 (Karmel Edition)


Keep x Benten x Solid Colorway Release


After multiple requests, Keep has released its popular Benten Boat shoe in this solid green colorway.  Available online here.  Mixing moccasin design and stitching with the classic boating look, these shoes will make your stroll on the dock feel like you're walking on your uncles shag carpet. 

Check out the two tone and patterned Benten's after the jump.

Taka Hayashi x Vans Prison Issue Lace LX


Here we have the newest, highly anticipated release from Vans and japanese born designer Taka Hayashi. The shoe is a prison issue lace LX with a black suede toe, and a smooth brown heel. The shoe is accented with a pattered leather strap and a skinny leather lace, and finished off with some custom Taka Hayashi details on the heel strip and the front sole strip.

Nike SB Classic Backpacks x Summer 2010

New Nike SB Classic backpack is looking spectacular this season.  Subtle black and white choices make these packs a must have this summer.  I'm feeling the white one for rockin up to class this summer in style.  Check your local SB dealers in the coming weeks for more details.

More views after the jump.

25 April 2010

420 x Fixies


So I know it's a little past the date but I just saw this and its gotta be seen by all. Here is a 4 minute and 20 second edit of Mike Schmitt and Ed 'wonka' Laforte, from The Grime, riding their bikes on 4/20 around NYC. Enjoy.

dailydose / 25.04.10


WEEKLEE x cityLife x 3Q APRIL

As we evolve here at cityLife, so too do our features, and with an overwhelming amount of creative talent surrounding us, great ideas are common.  To help you guys keep up to date with our magazine, we have proposed a weekly recap article (with links), to help everyone stay in touch with things.  This week also marks our first feature article/interview with designer and photograher, Laura Austin.  We most definitely look forward to working with Ms. Austin in the future and hope you come back to check out her guest articles as they drop.  One more piece of news, fresh off the presses, is the announcement that cityLife Magazine will be relaunching in July.  We will be changing servers and completely redesigning the site to assist the rapid growth that we are facing.  This redesign will enable us to add a lot more content and feature articles, while keeping everything super fresh and clean looking.  We are currently looking for contributors and interns, welcoming anyone that we feel will make a positive impact on our magazine. 

The third quarter of April brought us a bunch of awesome releases including the spring line from Acapulco Gold, Jack Purcell boat shoes by Converse, Eric Koston's Nike SB signature kicks, and the G-Shock x In4mation surf watch.  We all did a little puff puff on Tuesday to celebrate 4/20, with Nike announcing the release of its "Skunk" dunks, causing controversy in some church circles. Von Zipper jumped on with its One Love bundle and we posted a special Bob Marley edition of the dailydose.  Tragedy struck this week as the legendary Guru from Gangstarr passed away due to complications with cancer.  Shepard Fairley completed a mural at the famous Houston block in NYC, and our own Sharkey dug a photo of her little sister on the GQ Girls of Coachella feature! A couple amazing lookbooks graced our screens with Laurent Desgranges S/S release, then my personal favorite, the Joyrich S/S 2010!  To mark the end of a great week here at cityLife, I had the privilage of talking with Quiksilver designer, Laura Austin.  Check it out people, and keep it real.

24 April 2010

JOYRICH S/S 2010 + Fall 2010 Behind The Scenes Preview


As the excentricly styled individual that I am, summer lines seem to excite me more than anything else.  Maybe it's due to the fact that summer is approaching, and I'm just stoked about new fashion, or it could be the dread I face when thinking about minus 30 degree winters I grew up with in Toronto.  Don't get me wrong, winter layering is brilliant for individuality, sans Ugg boots and trackpants.  Either way, summer is almost here and we all need to fill our closets once again.  I bring you Joyrich!  Established in 2007, built on the concept of "FREEDOM/HOPE/DREAM/LOVE = JOYRICH", and the philosophy that "one should never forget to enjoy life," Joyrich screams LA fashion and LA fashion is fundamentally, endless summer.  Florals, patterned prints, distressed pink denim, and even a leopard print are included, so check the line, check Joyrich and buy, buy, wear, boom.

Check the rest of the S/S 2010 line + a Fall 2010 behind the scenes preview, after the jump.

dailydose / 24.04.10 (Karmel edition)


Freestyle Dressing x Backflip Into Your Jeans

So awesome!

cityLife x Designer/Photographer Laura Austin x Interview


First impressions mean more to me than fist pounds, pencil crayons, and a beer in the trunk of a car.  Way more.  As a designer, I tend to search the interweb and Starbuxes for fellow designers, exagerating my skills, creating a cloud of negative energy, while shouting "Networking is for chumps."  My social approach is downright hilarious.  At least I think so.  My first impression of Laura, after discovering her column at Rad Collector, was that of pure freshness, and we all know that I can smell fresh from a mile away.

Laura Austin is a designer slash photographer, currently working for Quiksilver.  I recently investigated the massive talent this girl has to offer. 

What's yo full name, including quotations and apostrophes, symbols, etc?
Laura Jayne Austin... I’m not cool enough to have quotations or apostrophes in my name.

I believe you are so if anyone asks me for your name I'll tell em its Laura "The Sledgehammer" Austin PhD.  Tell me what projects you are working on, or in, or behind?
Right now my full-time gig is at Quiksilver... I design a lot of their print content (catalogs, ads, posters, etc), primarily for snowboarding but I work in skate and surf as well. Tons of different things going on there.  I always have little side projects going on to keep things from getting stale and I’m always looking for opportunities to shoot more photos. Been putting a lot of energy into my column on Rad Collector lately, it’s nice to have an outlet like that where I can post whatever I am into at that particular moment.

Would you throw a pair of Crocs off a boat if it meant you could steer the boat for 5 minutes?
I think I would throw a pair of Crocs off the boat regardless. Haha. Nah, I can’t hate on Crocs... I hear they are super comfy, but I’m not gonna lie, they are damn ugly.

I tried eating my cereal out of a pair once, but they did the "death roll" on me, spilling milk all over the floor.
No comment.

Favorite local brands apart from Quiksilver?
Two California brands I am stoked on right now are Comune and Brixton.  I love the aesthetic and brand image that both companies have. Well tailored stuff with nice fits.  I'm really feeling the Comune Autumn 2010 preview.

I am also lovin this Brixton Siren top.

And then I have to show some love for the company I work for... I’m not going to lie, The Quiksilver Women’s line is pretty rad.... My personal favorite is the Gardening Club Top.

Check the lookbook online, and the preview below.

Time for some knuckle pump thank yous.
So many people have helped me along the way.... I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even put stickers on my snowboards anymore because I’m afraid I would leave out a brand that has supported me. So I’m going to use the same tactic here and not get specific. I’m by no means big enough of a deal to where I can say... “Thanks to all those who have helped me get to where I am today” because I’m still pretty new to all this and have a long way to go.... But a big thanks to all those who are helping pave the path.

Check out some sample photos below then visit Laura on the interweb here to view her awesome portfolio and cop her contact information for client inquiries.