20 April 2010

Raoul x Sandy Racksack

Singaporean brand Raoul brings us this gem from their upcoming Spring 2010 men's line.  This sandy rucksack cures those wardrobe follies when peacoat x backpack is necessary.  For instance, just the other day I traveled to work planning to go straight to school for my exam, packing an extra pair of clothes so I could impress the ladies at work AND at school.  See, these girls have different tastes, as do I, and keeping work separate from leisure/youthfulness allows me to broaden my social scope.  The one dilemma I faced was the lack of a relevant backpack to suit my peacoat.  This dilemma would not have existed had the Raoul backpack been in my possession.  To conclude, this classic looking backpack is vital. Visit Raoul for more details.


Anonymous said...

where can i get a similar bag now?

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