24 April 2010

JOYRICH S/S 2010 + Fall 2010 Behind The Scenes Preview

As the excentricly styled individual that I am, summer lines seem to excite me more than anything else.  Maybe it's due to the fact that summer is approaching, and I'm just stoked about new fashion, or it could be the dread I face when thinking about minus 30 degree winters I grew up with in Toronto.  Don't get me wrong, winter layering is brilliant for individuality, sans Ugg boots and trackpants.  Either way, summer is almost here and we all need to fill our closets once again.  I bring you Joyrich!  Established in 2007, built on the concept of "FREEDOM/HOPE/DREAM/LOVE = JOYRICH", and the philosophy that "one should never forget to enjoy life," Joyrich screams LA fashion and LA fashion is fundamentally, endless summer.  Florals, patterned prints, distressed pink denim, and even a leopard print are included, so check the line, check Joyrich and buy, buy, wear, boom.

Check the rest of the S/S 2010 line + a Fall 2010 behind the scenes preview, after the jump.

Fall 2010 behind the scenes preview, check it.


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