18 April 2010

Thorocraft Releases "The Hudson"

If you've never experienced the feel of handmade Italian moccasins, and you revel in the thought of owning a pair without selling that signed copy of Cher's memoirs, then your luck has finally arrived.  I'm not really sure if Cher has a memoir, but am assuming that it exists, while also assuming that someone would buy a signed copy of this memoir for the same price as these shoes.  Either way, Check out "The Hudson" by Thorocraft. Featuring high grade suede with butter soft calf lining, built in ankle shoe lace, hand stitched bison leather sole and individual bags for each shoe to protect against dust, dirt and baby brothers with their tendancy to chew your shoes. (Maybe I'm thinking a puppy, or maybe not) 

Visit Thorocraft's online shop to order these gems and check out more photos after the jump


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