14 April 2010

Eddy Merckx X Brooklyn Machine Works X Adidas

I love it when worlds come together, like cookies and cream. Or maybe even lingerie football?

I'm totally about the old school, so when i found out that Adidas is producing a new shoe in conjunction with Brooklyn Machine Works and cycling legend Eddy Merckx, I almost lost it...
Coming in classic black and white for those of us who prefer life being a little monochrome, as well as the colourway you see here, these shoes are a tribute to the unbelievable Eddy Merckx shoes from the 70's.

Cycling shoes are also a complete bitch to walk in but never fear brethren, concessions were made by the designers in order to make these kicks a little more usable in everyday situations, but lets face it they're more than likely going to be put on permanent display than being used for the everyday city mashes.



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