22 May 2010

Rogue Status Vs Bianchi - fixed

L.A.'s Rogue Status and the perennially amazing Bianchi have collaborated on a one-off street fixed gear.
Based on the Bianchi Pista Concept frame and decked out with carbon goodness, this white ride with typically acute Bianchi geometry definitely adds a certain presence.
Details of a possible release for sale aren't available as yet, but after the success of DC's PK Rippers collab with SE and For The Homies releasing a limited edition earlier in the year, the demand is definitely there for these limited production models.
Until then this will have to remain a wistful daydream for any of us wishing to get their grubby grease stained mits on this and hit the streets... Hopefully that might change?

Bianchi - Rogue Status

14 May 2010

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11 May 2010

Shwood Sunglasses

Forget simulated wood grain — Shwood Sunglasses ($95) are handcrafted from actual wood. They're available in two basic styles, the Wayfarer-like Canby and the more squarish Govy, and can be ordered in a variety of different woods, all with your choice of Carl Zeiss lenses. Just remember: these probably aren't the best shades to wear to the beach, water park, or campfire — we're guessing they're at least a little flammable.

Nike Vintage '72 & '73 Sunglasses

Although we're pretty sure that Nike wasn't making anything but shoes back in the early '70s — hell, the company wasn't even called Nike back then — but we imagine if they were making sunglasses, they would have looked something like these Nike Vintage '72 & '73 Sunglasses ($100). The '72s feature an oversized, aviator-style frame while the '73s sport a more square, Frogskin-like design, but both feature modern niceties like Nike Max optics, 100% UVA and UVB protection, and amber-colored, dark-tinted lenses that'd look right at home in a '70s porn

06 May 2010

DURKL x ORTLIEB Classic Messenger Bag


It's been a long time coming (seriously, Eric came thru and blessed the pages of SUPERXOFFICIAL.COM like 36 weeks ago) but the moment has arrived for me to deliver some goodness on the pages of cityLife magazine. Not that these awesome, and well designed, pages need anything extra but Eric and I visited the The White House and promised Obama we would do our best efforts to give you the best of the best and filter out the bad 'ish so you don't have to (BTW, we really weren't at The White House...we actually met the president at a local TGIF for a few beers). Now on to the real reason you stopped by. Got a new bag from DC's own DURKL and German outdoor goods company ORTLIEB.

The new limited edition messenger bag features a PVC and high density Cordura making it completely impenetrable to water and dust (like Jesus), while allowing the bag to both float and hold water as well (also like Jesus). A custom U.S.A. colorway with D.C. flag 3M hits complete the package. Ya want one? Of course you do. The bag is available now via the DURKL online shop for a mere $149.99.

Apple iPad x Fuel TV x Will It Shred?


So the boys over at Fuel TV decided to test out the iPad and answer the one question we have all wondered, and that would be 'will it shred'?? Watch the video to find out the answer.

Nike Air Max 90 Infrared Release


The Air Max 90 is for sure one of my favorite Nike shoes. Here we have a timeless classic in the form of the retro Infrared Air Max 90. There is no official drop date yet but keep your eyes peeled because these wont last long when they do come out.

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05 May 2010

G-Shock x G-Aviation Timepiece

G-Shock has announced the release of the advanced G-Aviation watch. (GW3000)  Featuring a massive case, aircraft flight panel indicators, and a triple layered dial and frame display structure, this watch will make you feel like the Red Baron, or Maverick, or even Goose.
“We are pleased to expand the G-Aviation line with the large case GW3000,” said Shigenori Itoh, Vice President of Casio’s Timepiece Division. “The GW3000 continues the G-Shock tradition of toughness and technology while embracing an authentic aviation style and function all its own.”
Check out G-Shock for stocklists.

Robert Rodriguez x Machete Trailer

Happy Cinco de Mayo people! cityLife brings you the official trailer from Robert Rodriguez's Machete. You'll recognize this from the sneak peek a few years back from the opening credits of "Grindhouse", part of the Quentin Tarantino double feature pack. The cast in this feature is incredible.

Lakai x Daniel Espinoza x Happy Cinco de Mayo

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Lakai has posted a video of their favorite Mexican, Daniel Espinoza.  Kids got skills to pay the rent, utilities and high speed internet.

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04 May 2010

dailydose / 04.05.10


UNDRCRWN x Spring 2010 Preview


Inspired by the great (and wild) John McEnroe, Undrcrwn has introduced its tennis themed Spring 2010 line.  Check for stocklists here, and read the press release below for more details.

'Rebel Yell' T-Shirt + 'Rebel Yell' Organic Sweatshirt- It ranks as one of the most memorable moments in sporting history. Back in 1981, a young frizzy haired, headband wearing, soon-to-be tennis legend broke down at Wimbledon. It was an umpire's refusal to rule his serve that caused the immortal reaction "you cannot be serious." We respect this legendary rebel as a dominant force whose reputation was built just as much on his personality as his athleticism. 'My Troop' Organic Sweatshirt- A sports heritage inspired piece that takes cues from '90s activewear and mixes it with organic textiles.Love Means Nothing T-Shirt- In tennis love means zero, but translate it for today's world and it becomes a rebellious mantra.
More photos after the jump.

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MIA, Born Free. Ginger genocide


M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

03 May 2010

The Cleveland Show x Kanye West Rap Battle

Rap battle featuring Kanye West.

CASG Crew Trailer


This ones for all you skiers out there. If you don't know by now, CASG is a crew of hoodrats from Ontario that are straight up destroying the ski scene from coast to coast. They got style for miles and tricks you have never even thought of. So full screen this bitch, turn up your stereo and enjoy.

dailydose / 05.03.10


Does Not Equal, Definitely Adds Up

Emerging Australian purveyors of finely crafted androgynous jewellery, Does Not Equal, have released their latest collection.
With Indie kids everywhere gasping collectively and clamouring to be the first in their clique adorned with these subtly crafted gems, they are fairly certain to become a must have item.
Machined finishes, asymmetrical crosses and double finger rings add a subtle difference to other boutique collections, which help Does Not Equal fit into a comfortable little in the market, a niche which i can't see them vacating any time soon.

Check out the online store, and give your girlfriend/boyfriend something else pretty to steal from your place in the morning

Does Not Equal

02 May 2010

WEEKLEE x cityLife x 4Q April


The end of April marks our first full month in existence and we hope that you've enjoyed reading.  Any suggestions can now be sent to NASA, henceforth transporting them electronically to Space. 

After a massive Q3 of April passed us by, the only thing left was to have that family dinner, sharpen our pencils and get ready for the last week of the month.  Yah, I don't really understand what that means either so we'll get into the happenings of the past week.  Nixon, involved heavily with the Gumball 3000 race, released a preview of its limited edition rubber Player.  We showed you the Red Bull Manny Mania trailer, a contest held in NYC, bringing the best technical skateboarders the world has ever seen.  Grenade Games 6 wrapped up in Whistler with this recap video, showcasing the mayhem (or a regular old party type night in Whis).  We brought your the Oak x Horace t, with it's jean sag protector, Sneaker Freaker's collaboration shoe, teaming up with Asics, and my absolute favorite release this week with the Hellz Bellz Kate Moss girl t shirts.  We witnessed graffiti vending machines, Vans Vault boat shoes, and a pair of custom "Just Did It" Tiger Woods Supra Skytops, by YaoKustoms.  In preparation for summer, REEF released it's "Cancer to Capricorn" trailer and Sebago x David Z dockside exclusives became available online.  Stussy came through with some limited 30th anniversary ts and my awesome gal-pal Reannan was featured on the dailydose.  Fresh.

Keep it real!

Stussy 30th Anniversary XXX T-shirt Collection Release 3


To celebrate their 30th anniversary Stussy has been releasing an insane amount of colab tees. This third release brings us shirts from heavy weights Undefeated, Commonwealth, Cassette Playa, CLOT, NEXUSVII, Super Co., and my favorite from Canadian brand Ransom.

You can peep all the tee's after the jump.

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01 May 2010

Salvatore Ferragamo x Andy Warhol Creations Shoe


The story behind this shoe is both amazing and true. The Creations shoe was the only mens shoe ever released from Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo and was religiously worn by famed artist Andy Warhol. After Warhol's death the Ferragamo family bid on and won a pair of his very own Creations. This pair had paint splatters on the toe from Warhol working in his studio and the new line pays homage to the originals by re releasing the Creations with paint splatters already on them. You can pick a pair of these up at DSM London.

dailydose / 01.05.10