24 June 2010

Vans vs Spitfire

Vans and Spitfire really need no introduction, but a collaboration between two of the heaviest hitters in the game has generated quite a buzz.
The BYOS (build your own spot) challenge timed to coincide with this uber-collab, has been dragging skating back to the derelict industrial areas where it first cut its teeth, with the creation (or re-creation) of some infamous San Francisco spots being recently dcoumented by theskateboardmag.
But the clothes and the kicks are what we're more interested in, and this limited run is proving to be a very worthwhile meeting of the minds, with these two giants further raising the bar for the rest of the industry.

Vans Spitfire

07 June 2010

More Merckx with a 7-11 Twist

Chari & Co NYC and Minority Works have teamed up to release yet another throwback harking to the heyday of Eddy Merckx.
Here's what they had to say about these super fresh sunnies..
"We went with the color way and theme of the great 7-11 team that rode Merckx bikes and represented everything awesome and exciting about cycle racing. The 7-11 team has an unusual cult following here in the United States but everyone can appreciate the history of the team and of course the legacy of Eddy Merckx"

Soon to be adorning the heads of beanie wearing fixsters everywhere no doubt.

We'd like these to be available in the online store now please?